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Check Out What We’re Working On!

Student Government is always working behind the scenes to make campus a better place. Here are our current initiatives.

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This year we created a new look and vision for student government that is oriented around student voice, representation, and advocacy.


Changing the Culture

We have been working on creating an atmosphere for Student Representation. We have also worked on having community building Welcome Week activities such as Adventure in the Vern.


Focus for the semester

As part of our focus, we have hosted Q & A sessions with the University President and VP of Student Life, as well as focused less on events and more on student needs in order to create a sense of belonging in our community.


Potential Needs and Developments

  • Development of the Wellness Program

  • Campus Safety Program “Walk with me”

  • More Inclusive Events


Accomplishments and Implementations

  • The Dwelling/Working with Intercultural Life

  • UBUNTU Chapel

  • Partnering with M2540 and Justice Talks

  • Cardio Room and Wellness development

  • Green To-Go boxes in the Dining Commons


Ongoing initiatives

  • More lighting around campus

  • Going green (recycling, composting, community garden, etc.)

  • Air Conditioning in living areas

  • Food Committee for Cafeteria (Vegan option)

  • Partnering with campus safety about diversity training

  • Facilities flooding, lack of parking, shuttle flaws, etc.

  • Opening up the SGA lounge for all people

  • Supporting clubs and commuters

  • De-stress Fest

  • Chapel task force/development

  • Wellness workshop- Body Image/body confidence with Kassandra Baker on March 21

  • Mount Vernon Premiere theater 7 free movie night March 15 for Captain Marvel

  • Block Party is April 26 and will feature inflatables, food trucks, a paint drop and more!

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