MVNU Student Government Association



Check Out What We’re Working On!

Student Government is always working behind the scenes to make campus a better place. Here are our current initiatives.

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  • Handicap access - automatic doors fixed, stairlift in Founders

  • Inclusivity in events and supporting diversity on campus

  • Going green (recycling, composting, community garden, etc.)

  • SGA Den remodeling - a space for the students

  • Food Committee for Cafeteria (Vegan option)

  • Air Conditioning in living areas

  • Facilities flooding, lack of parking, shuttle flaws, etc.

  • Supporting clubs and commuters

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  • creating inclusive events and meeting student needs in order to create a sense of safety and belonging in our community

  • seeking to close the communication loop so that events and information is communicated clearly to the student body

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  • The Dwelling/Working with Intercultural Life

  • UBUNTU Chapel

  • Partnering with M2540 and Justice Talks

  • Cardio Room and Wellness development

  • Green To-Go boxes in the Dining Commons

  • More lighting around campus

  • rebranding of SGA

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  • In Spring 2019 we conducted a security forum to talk about safety concerns on campus and allow for clarification on some things. A recap of the forum and the information included can be found here

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  • we have been a apart of regular Q & A sessions with the University President and VP of Student Life

  • September 23 minutes

  • Monday, October 28 5:30PM

  • Monday, November 25 5:30PM