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Fill out the form through the button below with your information to apply! After we receive the form complete with references and your resume, your application will be reviewed and you may be selected to go through an interview process. Afterwards a committee will select one person to serve in the position. We’d love to have you on our team!


VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing is responsible for creating and implementing effective marketing plans for each event or campaign. This position chooses marketing strategies that best fit the event or campaign that may include but are not limited to printed posters, graphics for social media, yard signs, t-shirts, other giveaway items, word of mouth, etc. VP of Marketing works closely with the Media Chairperson to communicate to the student body.

Media Chairperson

The Media Chairperson position is ideal for someone who has a great interest in spreading the word about events on campus. Applicant ideally has an extensive knowledge of social media including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Events Chairperson

The Events Chairperson works with the social position with planning SGA events.  They are responsible for organizing Cougar Crazy themes and working with athletics to see what creative events can be held to support the athletic teams.

Administrative Chairperson

This administrative role serves to take meeting minutes of what is talked about during weekly meetings. The position also works to develop budgets for events, facilitate the sales of FNL tickets as well as communicates to homecoming class representatives for Homecoming. This position must have great organizational, communication skills and proficient Microsoft excel skills as well as being flexible and willing to help the student body and SGA team in any way possible.