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SGA Positions

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SGA President

The SGA president works alongside the Campus Life director in planning agendas for SGA meetings, speaking into issues on campus, and encouraging the team.  They are a Christ like example and guide the team in demonstrating the SGA mission statement. This position serves as the student representative to the Board of Trustees once a semester. This position represents Christ, MVNU, and SGA in service to better the campus and community.

Vice President of Community Life

The Community Life position oversees all campus clubs, through club leader meetings, helping students start new clubs, and representing all clubs to the Director of Student Life.  This position also works with commuter students, acting as their voice on SGA, keeping them updated with school-wide information, and working with the Commuter Council.  The Community Life position will also work closely with the Intercultural Life department, sitting in on committee meetings and acting as that department's voice to SGA.

Vice President of Christian Life

The Christian Life position is, in short, to aid in cultivating the spiritual life both within the chapel experience as well as in day-to-day life as well as serving as executive board member for the Student Government Association.

Vice President of Academic Life

In the Academic Life position you are responsible for representing student academic concerns before the administration, and fostering an on-campus environment where students are empowered to pursue their academic interests outside the classroom.  Additionally, you would participate in all greater SGA events and initiatives and coordinate all student government elections.

The Social Life position is responsible for planning and helping with all major SGA events for the academic year. The Social Life position is also expected to be well connected socially with the student body, and to be an information resource not only to the student body, but also to the SGA cabinet.


Vice President of Social Life

The Marketing position is responsible for making all graphics for the SGA events (and a few Student Life events such as Oaktoberfest, Title IV campaigns, etc.) The graphics will normally include printed posters (you send to on-campus printing and pick up) and a corresponding social media graphic and occasionally a t-shirt or some other form of advertisement needed.  This position works very closely with the Media Chairperson to communicate events to the student body. 

Vice President of Marketing

Administrative Chairperson

This administrative role serves to handle tasks such as taking notes of what is talked about during weekly meetings and serving as the communicator to the Homecoming class representatives for Homecoming.  The position also works to develop budgets for events. This position serves as a direct voice to the students.  This position must have great organizational and communication skills as well as being flexible and being willing to help out the student body and SGA team in any way possible. 

Events Chairperson

The Events Chairperson works with the social position with planning SGA events.  They are responsible for organizing Cougar Crazy themes and working with athletics to see what creative events can be held to support the athletic teams.

Media Chairperson

The Media Chairperson position is ideal for someone who has a great interest in spreading the word about events on campus. Applicant ideally has an extensive knowledge of social media including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

The senior class president oversees the senior class council and hears out the requests of the students. They also take these requests to SGA and work with the other members to make change. Additionally, this position works with the Director of Campus Life to identify a senior class gift.

Senior Class President

The junior class president serves as a representative and a voice for the junior class on the MVNU Student Government Executive Council. They are involved in planning and execution of junior class sponsored events throughout the academic year, including, but not limited to junior/ senior gala in the spring semester. The ultimate goal is to actively pursue relationships with individuals on the MVNU campus in order to be a powerful leader and well-spoken voice for everyone, which can extend to being passionately involved in outreach in the Mount Vernon, Ohio community

Junior Class President

The sophomore class president oversees the sophomore class council and hears out the requests of the students. They work to organize events.  They also take these requests to the higher class cabinet and work with the other members to make change

Sophomore Class President

The freshman class president oversees the freshman class council and hears out the requests of the students. They work to organize events.  They also take these requests to the higher class cabinet and work with the other members to make change

Freshman Class President