VP of Social Life Position Description


The VP of Social Life is responsible for orchestrating the major SGA Events of the academic year including, but not limited to, Friday Night Live (Fall and Spring), Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Extended Melody Project, and Block Party. Other responsibilities are as follows.

  • They must work closely with the VP of Marketing and Media Chairperson in order to advertise events to the student body in a timely manner.
  • Partner with M2540 in the planning and executing of the Christmas Party and EMP.
  • Remain in constant communication with the other members of SGA about upcoming events and their respective roles at said event.
  • Attend all SGA events and make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Voice any concerns you are consistently hearing from students before the SGA Cabinet.

Event Descriptions

Friday Night Live is an event that happens near the end of both semesters. Its purpose is to bring the Student Body together before the stress of finals week for everybody to laugh together with their peers. Preparation – Near the beginning of the semester, plan an audition night. Set the audition requirements (usually a comedic monologue and an improve scenario.) After the auditions, decide on the cast with your fellow panelists, if any. Tell every person who is auditioning to provide a list of time availabilities so that a time for weekly rehearsals can be selected. Notify those who made the cut and plan a first meeting. To those who did not make it, email them with carefully chosen words and encourage them to try again next semester!

Each show should consist of 8 sketches, 8 videos, a musical guest in the middle, and a monologue at the beginning. The sketches and videos should be written and directed by the cast members. The monologue is usually given by the guest host, who is typically a staff/faculty member. They can be in other videos/sketches, but their amount of involvement is purely up to them and their schedule. The musical guest should be determined by all of SGA, as budget may be an issue. Historically, the audience has preferred on-campus groups because they are composed of their peers.

Rehearse every week until the week before the show, where rehearsals should be more frequent. The week of the show is called tech week and usually has a rehearsal every night. The night before the performance is the Dress Rehearsal, where the cast runs the show exactly as it will be performed. All props and set pieces should be decided a few weeks before tech week, just to cause less chaos during the already stressful time. The day of FNL should see the cast and crew (crew meaning other members of SGA performing their duties) arriving at Thorne as soon as their schedule allows. The cast and crew often miss dinner because of this, so SGA should provide food. FNL has two performances, typically at 7:00 and 9:00 PM. Make sure that no cast members are planning to improve something that did not get approved by the Approval Board. After the show, SGA should stick around to clean and tear down.

The Halloween Party is meant to keep MVNU Students on campus during the holiday because many students have left the campus on Halloween before to drink, do drugs, light candles, and break the Lifestyle Guidelines in other ways. Preparation – This event is much more of an SGA Group effort, so the planning will mostly take place in meetings. In the past year, the Halloween Party has been moved to the Grove instead of the Gym in the PSU. It is decorated like a gravesite and titled The Groveyard. A costume contest is held with faculty/staff as the guest judges. A scare trail is a newer idea with students auditioning with ideas for scenes along the trail. Coordinate with Pioneer College Catering to determine food and drinks.

*The Christmas Party and EMP event information would be with M2540 as they help with that cause.