VP of Finance Position Description

  • VP of Finance consists of keeping track of all expenses and revenues that occur through SGA and all of its affiliates (such as clubs).
  • Keeping track of the budget is the primary duty but you also team up with Rochel when it comes to deciding what we spend our money on (such as shirts, food, props...).
  • Give regular updates to inform SGA of their financial standing.
  • Outside of financial obligations this role consists of being part of all SGA events and helping out whenever needed.
  • Be a present, active, and contributory voice in all SGA Executive and Full Cabinet meetings; you have an important and valuable perspective to add to those proceedings.
  • Voice any concerns you are consistently hearing from students before the SGA Cabinet.
  • The role requires 5 hours a week of office hours as well as weekly SGA full cabinet meetings. SGA is cool.