Here's what we talked about in our last meeting:


Meeting Minutes

September 6th, 2018


Present: Hannah, Esther, Sara, Carson, Tagg, Brandon, Caleb, Rochel, NayNay, Leah, Manny, Traci




Prayer Request: Brandon’s grandma is not doing well in regards with her health- her name is Barbara, Pray for the family of Nathan Beem as we recently passed away, Pray for Jim Singletary


Start Time: 7:15


End Time: 8:40


Sonfest- September 22nd

  • How can you bring value to current students?

  • Sonfest should be an event for students

    • There are 200 hundred volunteers working 6-hour shifts

  • What will SGA do to help?

    • Lets advertise Sunfest to get as many people to come as possible! Help network to sell tickets- contact your church!

      • Tickets are $25 (buy them online) and $30 at the door

        • Groups of 10+ are $20 each

    • We will work through athletics using cougar crazies to advertise



  • How can SGA get involved in homecoming?


Get together at Traci’s house!

  • Next Friday September 14th


Welcome week

  • Bowling

    • smaller attendance than years past

    • Seems to attract freshman and not upperclassmen

    • Go to dance party through the decades?

    • Have a big party at Ariel Foundation Park?  Something similar to what is done at NSI

      • Thank you letters

        • Domino's PIzza

        • Bowling Alley

  • Adventure in the Vern

    • Not much participation on social media (only two to be exact)

    • Incorporate cougar crazies if games are posted early enough for next year’s welcome week

      • Thank you letters

        • Round Hill Dairy

        • Dirko's pizza

  • Syllabi day

    • Good value for students in coming

      • However less than 30 students came

    • CSS should use this day to promote what services they offer to students more effectively and to have an open house for all students

      • Thank you letters

        • Amy and Tim

  • Luau

    • Perhaps a little better organization in set up

    • Attendance was great

      • Thank you letters

        • Caf

        • Athletics

Issues on Campus

Organizing as a team to tackle issues and splitting up into committees to tackle other issues we have listed

  • Too many bikes are being stolen on campus- what can we do to make things safer

    • Security cameras - where are they located?

    • Is this an off campus issue since bikes were stolen in the community this summer

  • 586

    • Karaoke run by 586, we can promote it  

    • Other event ideas

    • Rochel & Manny are working on trivia night with students (Elizabeth Burgess - mini-grant)


  • Paved walkway to the back of Redwood  

  • Intramurals

    • We can help promote intramurals in general


(from meeting minutes on 8/21)


  1. Connect students to a place they belong- give them options (market them well!)

    1. Group photos of members in each club on campus and post it on social media

  2. Workout room hours- want to extend them in general

  3. More lighting outside throughout campus

  4. Better advertise campus security that can walk with students to their dorm or classroom

    1. Have an app that students can download to alert campus safety

    2. Blue light buttons

  5. Intercultural Advertising

    1. Black history month

    2. Chapel diversity service

  6. Lunch with SGA (bi-weekly?)

  7. Eco-friendly measures on campus

    1. More recycling bins throughout campus

    2. Compost bins- in caf?

  8. More outlets in caf

  9. Downtown parking

    1. Outsiders park in MVNU downtown parking lots and there isn’t strict enforcement on that

    2. Better shuttle system

  10. Better draining system on campus- sidewalks flood


As a committee

    1. A/C in apartments

      1. There is a fee to bring your own A/C unit in

      2. There has been 100 students that have signed a petition about this issue

      3. Sara, Tagg and Hannah

    2. 586

      1. Manny


SGA as a whole

    1. Partnering with Jim in intercultural life

      1. Help specifically with exploring to form a Black Student Union

      2. The Ublack club might pair with Black Student Union

    2. Lunch with SGA

      1. Make signs for students to put on tables that say something along the lines of “Please join us”


Club Carnival- September 12th at 6:00 pm

  • Will be on Oakwood lawn (if it rains will be moved to Intramural gym)

  • There will be a spreadsheet for us to pick assignments

  • Have to decide about what food/game we want to provide


River clean up is next Saturday!

  • Starts at 10 (meet at 9:30) in the depot on main street Mount Vernon (across from Wit’s)

  • This is totally optional


What platform can we have for students to come and present their ideas and bring up concerns they have to SGA?

  • Invite students to come to our meetings

  • Could be the first of last Thursday of the month at our regular meeting time


Rochel wants to meet with each of us individually within the next two weeks

  • Email Rochel your availability- plan for 1 hour

  • Come with things you want to work on within your role in SGA

  • List of your responsibilities

  • How Rochel can help you or answer questions