Here's what we talked about in our last meeting:


Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2017


Present: NayNay, Joey, Brynn, Haley, Josh, Vinnie, Olivia, Madison, Brooke, Abigail, Cameron, Zac, Carson, Caleb, Nathan, Gerod

Absent: Rochel


Meeting Begins: 8:35

Meeting Ends: 9:32


Above the Music:

  1. Ticket sales- $7/person

    1. Tuesday-friday during lunch (possibly some nights to be added)

    2. During event need two people to sell tickets

    3. $35 feeds one child for a full year (advertise for bringing 5 friends to feed a child for a full year)

  2. Set up at 4:00

    1. Doors open at 7

    2. First band will be playing around 7:15

  3. Advertising

    1. Put a chapel slide up

    2. Go around freshman dorms to talk/pass out flyers for event

  4. General about event

    1. During event there will be students that have gone to Belize previously sharing their experiences

    2. There will be a spoken word from Nathan

    3. Look on google drive to sign up to sell tickets




  1. Spring semester goals (this is a living list)

    1. Constitution revision/updating

    2. SGA rebranding

      1. Updated SGA website

    3. Assessment of general education courses

    4. Discussions about current student sophomore housing

    5. Improvement of public view of SGA

      1. Be more open and represent entire student body

    6. Be more connected to student groups and clubs and show support

    7. Possibly have students come to our meetings so they can hear what we are doing and give us input

  2. Instagram live?

    1. Have a few people SGA members do a instagram live and have an open forum for students to ask us questions

  3. Intercultural life

    1. SGA to be more involved in intercultural life

  4. New SGA website

    1. Give Gerod any ideas you have for him regarding your position

  5. Elections

    1. Madison Brooke and Abigail interviewing for Administrative Chairperson

    2. Class council starts after spring break

  6. General    

    1. Cameron is meeting with tech info people about general experiences with technology on campus

    2. Nathan and Cameron are meeting tomorrow with RD’s about freshman-sophomore dance