Here's what we talked about in our last meeting:


Meeting Minutes

October 4th, 2017


Present: NayNay, Zac, Joey, Brynn, Josh, Vinnie, Rochel, Olivia, Gerod, Madison, Brooke, Caleb, abigail, cameron, Haley, Zac (RD), Annabelle (RD)


Meeting Begins: 8:30

Meeting Ends: 9:33


  1. Res Life

    1. Visiting hours and guest passes

      1. For juniors and seniors there would be increased guest hours throughout the week, as well as access to bathrooms for visitors

      2. Needs student representation for visiting hours for new proposal to get approved (would be approved and put in place no sooner than next year)

      3. If sophomores are in junior/senior living apartments, they will abide by junior/senior rules

      4. If a junior/senior is in a sophomore living area, they will abide by sophomore rules

      5. Sophomores don’t get same treatment for opposite-gender as junior/seniors- should this be adjusted?

      6. Should each apartment decide what they want on opposite-gender policies, rather than it being enforced by the campus?

        1. Should apartment roommates sit down at the beginning of the year to decide what they want to do for visiting policy

      7. Apartment meetings with RA at the beginning of the year should be more specific and productive

        1. I.e.- RA asks apartment what they think the opposite-gender visiting hours

        2. Have them be more question based and constructive

        3. Helps students be accountable about policy because it is what everybody agreed on at the beginning of the year

      8. RA’s for junior/seniors would not work extra hours for extra visiting hours

      9. Curfew could potentially more of a discipline, so there would be no curfew except for when a student gets in trouble

        1. Curfew to be handled more as a wellness guideline- encouraging good decision making

      10. Share guideline with student body to get their input

        1. Have a town hall sort of meeting with a Q&A to discuss visitation policy

        2. Conduct a survey

      11. Students should be able to articulate why they want more visiting hours- how is it beneficial to them?

      12. How would changing visitation policy affect social life on campus? How can we have a Christian perspective in handling this issue