Here's what we talked about in our last meeting:


Meeting Minutes

April 4th, 2017


Present: NayNay, Joey, Brynn, Haley, Josh, Olivia, Madison, Brooke, Abigail, Cameron, Zac, Carson, Caleb, Gerod

Absent: Rochel


Meeting Begins: 8:30

Meeting Ends: 9:30


  1. Housing

    1. SGA’s statement in regards to sophomore housing

    2. Make sure everyone on campus is on board with sophomore programming

      1. Turn sophomore programming away from sophomore housing as their seems a lack of support for it on campus

      2. Want to avoid sophomores feeling left out because jr/sr don’t want to live with them because they don’t want to get stuck in sophomore apartments

    3. Administration had felt strongly that their needs sophomore programming and changes implemented to address sophomore issues

      1. Are the changes that need implemented in regards to academics or housing? Both?

      2. Could we implement a class/event (perhaps count for chapel credits) that is specific to sophomores

      3. Should there be more events for the sophomore class in the places they live

      4. The general hope is to have all sophomores live in the same apartments

      5. Do a end-of-the-year survey with all sophomores to get their opinions on housing issues and changes they want to see

      6. Do class retreats at some point in the semester to help students interact with people within their class

      7. Continue small groups for sophomores?

      8. Be more vocal about people who had graduated to help guide, give direction, and bring encouragement to sophomores in regard to what to major in

      9. Talk more extensively about what jobs are related to the major/field students might want to work in

      10. How aggressive should change be implemented if less than 50%(if that actually is the amount, we don’t know) of sophomores are actually struggling

      11. What is the end goal of sophomore programming?

        1. Make sophomores feel part of the MVNU community

  2. Updates

    1. Josh’s updates

      1. Found a company that will match with a lower price of certain attractions to be used in block party

      2. T-shirts

        1. Thinking about doing a slogan (witty saying) about Kevin- as he is leaving MVNU after this year

        2. Have a funny picture of him

        3. Send Olivia’s ideas for designs for t-shirts!

        4. Have black and white t-shirts if we use glow paint

      3. Paint

  3. Constitution

    1. Updates to happen next week when Rochel is here